Alternative Metal band, Urban Vitamin spent the day with Affinity.

Being a musician myself, I met the dudes from Urban Vitamin at a gig, both our bands played at Rumours Lounge. It was the first time I had seen the guys play and I was really impressed. Soaring vocals, harsh screams and crazy catchy melodies, they had me hooked.

I approached the guys to show some love, possibly in a drunken state, and promised the guys a round of beers, but I had mysteriously disappeared into the night.

Not long after the show, Cobus Nigrini (Vocals) messaged me on Facebook and had asked if I was a photographer, inexperienced at the time I said “yeah, kind of, I think!”. They had a small lineup change in the band and needed some new snaps to promote the new, improved Urban Vitamin.

In the month before the shoot I had upgraded my gear (and my guts) to take on my very first band photoshoot. I practiced daily, family members reluctantly volunteering to strike some poses, I had the right ideas and a good mindset and felt that this would meet the requirements of the band.

On the day of the shoot, we met up at the spot that I thought would suffice, a tad random, but it worked just fine. The dudes were very chilled and layed back, cracking jokes and chugging down some beers that I brought with, as I owed them for wandering off into the abyss on the night of our first meeting.

It was an absolute privaledge to share this experience with the guys of Urban Vitamin, this is what they had to say about the experience:


As a band with a slight line-up change within the past year we needed an update, we looked to The Affinity and we were very happy with the outcome. The photo shoot itself was undemanding for us while The Affinity took on the difficult task of making us look good and the results speak for themselves.  The working environment was very relaxed and professional and we appreciate the creative effort that went into the shoot and the editing that followed. The Affinity did a fantastic job.

Urban Vitamin, 2016

If you’re into Alternative Metal, click the links and show some love:



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